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Be cautious: Pestalotiopsis Leaf Disease spreading in Sri Lankan rubber plantations

Be cautious:  Fusicoccum / Pestalotiopsis Leaf Diseases: Possible Strategies to avoid contaminating

                           Sri Lankan Rubber Plantations


This is to bring to your notice that there is a severe epidemic of Pestalotiopsis and Fusicoccum leaf diseases in Indonesian and Malaysian rubber plantations.  All the rubber planters in Sri Lanka should be vigilant of these leaf diseases.

Fusicoccum leaf Disease had been declared as a quarantine pest in Sri Lanka for over thirty years. This disease was first reported in Malaysia in 1987. Recently, an outbreak of this disease is reported from Indonesia devastating more than 22,000 ha. In Indonesia, almost all the clones are found to be attacked by the disease and among them RRIC 100 is also severely affected. Pestalotiopsis is a common plant pathogen prevailing in both Tropical and Temperate climatic conditions. This fungus is regarded as a non-host specific opportunistic pathogen invading mature leaves of a wide variety of host plants. Based on the information provided by the IRRDB workshop held in Malaysia, there is always a possibility of occurring sudden epidemics of these diseases singly or as mixed infections with the coincidence of favourable weather conditions. 

In view of this situation, you are kindly advised to pay special attention to notice if there would be any unusual foliar disease condition or a leaf fall in your plantations. If you notice any unusual foliar disease, please be kind enough to inform the Rubber Research Institute (Plant Pathology & Microbiology Department or Advisory Services Department) or the Rubber Development Department for immediate action.


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