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RRISL updates the Guidance Price for Natural Rubber every Monday.

Guidance Price for Natural Rubber

Farmers evaluate prices by comparing with a reference price which the farmer has in mind. This comparison gives the farmer an idea of whether a certain price is “good” or “bad”. Since commodities are traded on exchanges, no single person or organisation sets their prices. Fair price for rubber seeks to ensure that, barring any external influences, there are no unexpected changes in prices on the local market. We continuously analyze changes in rubber prices on the global market in order to establish a reasonable guidance price for natural rubber trading on the local market. As a result, farmers and buyers can produce and buy with confidence, knowing that their prices will be comparable to those of internationally traded rubber. Ribbed Smoked Sheet (RSS 3) rubber price prediction has been developed using the RSS future price at the Singapore Commodity Exchange (SICOM) and the RSS 3 physical price at the Bangkok market in Thailand. In addition, the natural rubber latex guiding price has been offered after referring to the physical price of the same in the Malaysian market. Besides from the foregoing two categories, Rubber Research Institute of Sri Lanka (RRISL) also delivers TSR 20 guiding price in line with the TSR 20 futuristic price at SICOM and physical price at Thailand's Bangkok market. RRISL updates the guidance price of rubber every Monday.


Guidance Price for Natural Rubber for the week 18th September – 24th September 2023
RSS 3 Farmgate price (per kg)  : LKR 516
TSR 20 Market price (per kg)     : LKR 472
Latex (60% per 1kg wet weight) : LKR 362

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