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Be cautious : Re-emergence of the Abnormal Leaf Fall Disease Condition in Sri Lankan Rubber Plantations - With the onset of the monsoon rains, this newly reported Leaf Fall disease is reported to be re-appearing in Rubber Plantations.         |         If rubber lands harvested with stimulation based low intensity harvesting systems are facing severe leaf fall due to Pestalotiopsis leaf disease, take advice on ethephon application.         |         

Rubber Research Institute of Sri Lanka is the oldest research institute on rubber in the world and is the nodal agency in Sri Lanka with the statutory responsibility for research and development on all aspects of rubber cultivation and processing for the benefit of the rubber industry.


"More than 100 years
of Excellence"

To emerge as the centre of excellence in providing high quality scientific technologies to the rubber industry.


To revitalize the rubber sector by developing economically and environmentally sustainable innovations and transferring the latest technologies to the stakeholders through training and advisory services.


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Adaptive Research

Establishing farmer participatory adaptive...

White Root Disease Management Programme

A Development Project funded by Ministry of...

Advisory Services

Advisory Services...

Plant Science

Plant Science...

Soils & Plant Nutrition

Reusable Porous Fertilizer Tube: It was developed...

Biochemistry and Physiology

Research, development and commercial introduction...

Polymer Chemistry

Innovation of new test kit for the measurement of...

Raw Rubber and Chemical Analysis

Innovation of new test kit for the measurement of...

Raw Rubber Process Development & Chemical

Development of solar-bio mass hybrid dryers for...

Agricultural Economics

Agricultural Economics...

Rubber Technology &

Development of environmental friendly, cost...

Multiplication and

Multiplication and Evaluation of Germplasm...

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