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 Early Warning System for Diseases of Hevea

15 02 2021 - 00:41 AM

Early Warning System for Diseases of Hevea

Management of the New Leaf Fall Disease of Rubber

This is to bring to your notice that the Abnormal Leaf Fall Disease condition caused by Colletotrichum and Pestalotiopsis is currently re-emerging in rubber plantations. More than 20,000 ha have been reported to be affected by the disease. A chemical controlling is necessary to manage the spread of the disease to close by cultivations and also to stop the spread of the disease to other crops.
Moreover, as this becomes the second year of the infection, it will have adverse effects on the yields of the cultivations. The research carried out so far has revealed mainly two pathogens are associated with this disease. Currently, new Colletotrichum species have emerged while Pestalotiopsis that has been regarded as a non host specific opportunistic pathogen is also playing a synergistic role in causing the leaf fall. In view of this situation you are kindly advised to pay special attention to notice this leaf fall disease condition in your plantations. Immediate chemical controlling will be required to stop further spread of the disease.
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