Rubber Research Institute of Sri Lanka

Ministry of Plantation

Main Activities

  • Offers around 15 promising clones, developed by Sri Lankan Scientists with more than five fold yields compared to the productivity of rubber trees in their original habitat.
  • Soil and foliar analysis for site specific fertilizer recommendations.
  • A special diagnostic team for trouble shooting in agricultural practices and raw rubber processing aspects.
  •  Planting materials from latest clone introductions to establish source bush nurseries and issue quality certification of all planting materials issued to stakeholders.
  • Plant protection systems for all maladies of the rubber tree and provide early warning on disease epidemics and advice on mitigating unforeseen disasters.
  • Testing quality of waste water, dry rubber, latex, latex products, rubber compounds and fertilizer, and issue certificates recognized by local authorities.
  • Training in all aspects of rubber cultivation, post harvest technology, and plantation management.
  • An extension wing to assist the rubber cultivation and processing in smallholder sector.
  • Guidance to solve and manage environmental issues connected with discharge of wastewater generating from raw rubber, latex processing and rubber product manufacturing industries in Sri Lanka.
  • Development of value added natural rubber based materials and also rubber compounds for latex and dry rubber products to suit the end user requirements or in compliance with the standard specifications.
  • Project feasibility and planning studies, designs, plans for setting up of raw rubber and latex processing industries.

For Information

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Contact Info

  • Rubber Research Institute of Sri Lanka.
  • Dartonfield, Agalawatta. 12200
  • 034 - 2247426, 034 - 2247383
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