Rubber Research Institute of Sri Lanka

Ministry of Plantation Industries and Export Agriculture

Raw Rubber and Chemical Analysis Department

This is the department, which provides analytical services to maintain the ISO Standards in Raw Rubber, Latex & Rubber processing Chemicals. we are capable of providing wide range of testing & inspection services. RR& CA has the equipment & expertise for testing. In addition to in-house laboratory testing, our staff can assess in-plant & field quality control procedures, ensuring consistent quality of your product.

Senior Research Office

Mrs A P Attanayake, BSc (SL), PhD (SL)

Current research interests

Raw Rubber & latex testing


  • Development of a analytical test method to determine the concentration of water-soluble bleaching agent
  • Development of a analytical test method to determine the Magnesium content of latex
  • Evaluation of the methods of preparation of dispersions by using pearl mill and the ball mill on the viscosity & DRC of centrifuged latex
  • Survey on variation of raw rubber properties of TSR manufacture in Sri Lanka
  • Factors affect on MST of NR latex with special emphasis to test conditions
  • Survey on variation of latex properties of centrifuged latex produced by different manufactures in Sri Lanka
  • Testing, grading and issuing shipping certificates for all TSR produced in the country.
  • Testing and issuing quality certificates for different grades of raw rubber produced in the country for local industries and for shippers.
  • Analysis of chemicals used for processing raw rubber in the rubber products manufacturing industry, for purity
  • Analysis of skim rubber adulteration in scrap grades of crepe rubber.
  • Recommendation of chemicals for the industry and analyzing them for percentage purity.
  • Testing of finished product such as :
    • Rubber gloves for sodium pentachlorophenate content and powder content.
    • Rubber content in vulcanized product.
    • Contamination of metal ions in dipped products.
  • Organizing inter laboratory cross check programs for raw rubber & latex testing laboratories & evaluation of results statistically.
  • Trouble Shooting Activities such as Calibration of latex tanks and Insrument Calibration
  • Analytical charges are as follows
Dry Rubber Content (DRC) ISO 126 Rs. 700.00
Total Solid Content   (TSC) ISO 124 Rs.    550.00
Dry Rubber Content  (DRC)  ISO 126 Rs.    700.00
Non Rubber Content (NRS) - -
Volatile Fatty Acid No              ISO 506 Rs.  1500.00
Mechanical Stability Time   ISO 35 Rs.    625.00
Alkalinity  (on latex phase)    ISO 125 Rs.    450.00
KOH No   ISO 127 Rs.    900.00
Viscosity  (Brookfield)   ISO 1652 Rs.    200.00
Mg Content              RRISL Rs.    950.00
pH              ISO 976 Rs.    500.00
Coagulum content              ISO 706 Rs.    500.00
Density              ISO 705 Rs.    500.00
Specific gravity - Rs.    500.00


RAW RUBBER ALL TESTS (Dirt, Ash, VM, N2, Po, PRI  ,Colour) Rs.   4325.00
Dirt Content          ISO 249 Rs.   1450.00
Ash Content ISO 247 Rs.     550.00
Volatile Matter Content        ISO 248  Rs.     250.00 
Nitrogen Content ISO 1656 Rs.     575.00
Plasticity No                    ISO 2007   Rs.     425.00
Plasticity Retention Index ISO 2930 Rs.     600.00
Mooney Viscosity     ISO 289 Rs.     450.00
Colour    ISO 4660 Rs.     475.00
Acetone Extraction    ISO 1407 Rs.   1700.00
Accelerated Storage Hardening Test  ( ∆ P)    RRIM Rs.     500.00


Sodium sulphite       Titrimetric Rs.     900.00
Sodium bi-sulphite (S-meta bi-sulphite) Titrimetric Rs.     500.00
Oxalic Acid       Titrimetric Rs.     900.00
Formic Acid Titrimetric Rs.   1000.00
Thickness (polythene)                - Rs.     150.00
Ammonia strength Titrimetric Rs.     625.00
Sulphuric strength   Titrimetric Rs.     625.00
Powder Content French std Rs.     500.00
Bleaching Agent RRISL Rs.   2700.00
Specific gravity    - Rs.     500.00


  • Achieving quality infrastructure with modern equipments and obtaining laboratory accreditation.
  • Provide testing, inspections and certification service through conformity assessment.
  • Maintain in house instrument calibration procedures.
  • Increase demand for quality rubber products and raw materials.
  • Increase demand for accredited test reports and certificates.
  • Inspection of TSR factories for their quality of production process and certified as a registered TSR factory under RRISL.
  • Implementation of new test methods and method validation.
  • Identification of alternative chemicals to replace toxic and harmful chemicals.
  • Identify quality variations in rubber produced in nontraditional areas.
  • Recommendation on of new clones with special features targeting specific rubber product.

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